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letter from the principal of TOP Madena college

Dear Student
I am delighted that you are interested in joining us. Our College is new and has a growing reputation for excellence. We have high standards and expect professional dress, a long skirt and long sleeves, a professional attitude 100% attendance and that you are punctual. Our students are serious about their education and work hard to achieve examination success but as well as learning new things, they meet new people and make friends within a safe and happy atmosphere.  Our students and all staff live up to our values of respect and tolerance and are always polite and kind to others.
What will you study?
Our team of dedicated professionals are here to help you to reach your goals. We teach courses in English, IT and Maths in the first year, called the Foundation Year and then if you pass this year you select from a range of vocational options: Business, Events, Software Development and Guest Relationship Management. At the end of Year 1 you receive a Certificate from Cambridge for your English, Preliminary English Test, a Certficate from CIT for your IT Skills and a College Certificate. In year 2 you will experience in house work experience by running small businesses. Successful students will receive an Associate Diploma Certifcate from Saudi Skills Standards at the end of year 2. In Year 3 you will be placed out in Industry working alongside professionals so that you learn employability skills and gain experience that will help you find employment at the end of the 3 year course. You will graduate with a Certificate for the full Diploma at the end of year 3.
 Dr Esther Howarth
The Oxford Partnership
Al-Madinah Female College

Courses in Madena:

  • Associate Diploma and Diploma in Business (Small Business Management)
  • Associate Diploma and Diploma in Event Operations and Planning
  • Associate Diploma and Diploma in Software Development
  • Associate Diploma and Diploma in Airline Ticketing and Reservations Operations
  • Associate Diploma and Diploma in Guest Relations Management
  • Summer English Course

Call us from Sunday to Thursday (8 am to 3 pm)